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Today in Bad Advice with Dr. Bourbon our question comes from "Stella"

She asks:

Dear Doctor Bourbon,

How do I get my libido back? The meds I've been on for the last 10 years have ruined it completely.

Yours truly,

Well, Stella... Let me tell you a story.

I had a friend who had a similar issue. She was on a medicine that made her regard sex the way most people regard an avocado. Sure, they'll eat one on occasion, but nobody really likes going to the store for an avocado to make into a meal except dirty little hipsters. And they don't have sex anyway. It's too mainstream.

So... to help her out, her partner did little exercises to bring sex back to the forefront of her life. He'd wake her up by rubbing his junk on her face to see if she was in the mood. He thought "surely this is a good idea and it will help her immensely.

Point of fact - this did NOT help. As a matter of fact, I think she actually threatened to cut it off on more than one occasion according to her husband. 

So - how did she overcome this obstacle?

Chronic masturbation.

That's right. She set to work playing DJ on herself with a vibrator set to high. Twice a day, every day, for a month. It turned out that it wasn't sex she had problems with... it was the medicine making her regard starting up the sex thing like hunting for an avocado. Once she was there - she liked it. But getting there was the issue.

So - throw caution to the wind. Read some porn. Watch some hentai. Grab some dick and double-click as the song goes.

There's no real way to get your libido back... you just have to remember that your brain is lying to you and you do, in fact, want to get laid. Sex is fun.

Sex is awesome.

Sex is the only thing that is better than sex... 

And sometimes, like a stalled car, you need to give it a jump. So just start humping everything. Pillows, couch cushions, an arm chair... Remind your body, and your vagina, just how good it feels to get some attention. It'll do wonders for your mental wellbeing. And maybe, JUST MAYBE... it'll help get your groove back.

And if that doesn't help - well, at least you're getting some exercise and releasing endorphins? Shit, I don't know. It's not like I'm a real Doctor here. I only play one on the internet.

But my personal opinion - based on history with Lady Dr. Bourbon - is that it can't be rushed. But it can be addressed. Think about WHY you don't want to have sex... What little voice is saying "nah..."? --  Then ignore that annoying fucker and rock out with your sock out?  ....I don't really have a good "female version" of that saying.

Jam out with your clam out?

Just try getting naked and doing something... that's what I'm getting at here. Maybe cut back on the alcohol (says the raging alcoholic), go for long walks, eat more oysters? Buy some mentholated sex lube and put it in your panties of a morning. Buy a remote controlled vibrator and give your partner the controls the vibrator... but don't tell him what it's for. Then go out and have dinner. Watch more porn. Stop wearing clothes... Make up sexy role playing scenarios to act out!! buy sexy panties... then make your partner wear them! Buy a strap-on. (I say buy because borrowing strap-ons is ill-advised)...

There are lots of things to try. All you need to do is trick your brain into "Let's get to fucking" mode.

Good luck, god speed, happy wet dreams!

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