Read This Before Going On...


So - you've come here and you're not sure if you should read my blog... allow me to give you a short breakdown on it...

I am writing this blog for me. Nobody else.

This blog is my quiet space.

This is the place I can come to be alone with my thoughts and in peace.

What will I talk about?

  • I will occasionally post erotic fiction - which I love to write.
  • I will occasionally post political rants - which I don't love to write, but which I do seem good AT writing.
  • I will talk about my occasionally crippling PTSD and the joys it brings.
  • I will talk about sex with my wife.
  • I will talk about masturbation and porn... and hentai. I'm not sure why - but I fucking love Hentai.
  • I will talk about how much I dislike certain co-workers.
  • I will talk about all of the shit I bottle up inside that I can't really talk to anyone else about and hope that the Internet will just let me have my moment....

....I'll basically talk about anything... So... yeah.

About me:

  • I was raised conservative but have grown up very liberal. 
  • I was in the Army for about 10 years total between active duty and reserves.
  • I think people should like who they like, fuck who they want to fuck, and smoke and drink whatever they need to get through the day. 
  • I can't stand the Trump administration. 
  • I love the LGBTQ community. 
  • I support all people regardless of color or race... religion gets iffy, but as long as you're not a dick about it, we're cool. 

I'm going to talk about my love of coffee. I'm going to talk about my love of sex in all its forms... which will be vanilla to some and pearl-clutchingly scandalous to others depending on what you like. I'm going to talk about bourbon. Because I fucking love bourbon.

If these things sound like things you want to read - come on down and read along.

And for fuck's sake - say hello and leave a nice comment from time to time.


  1. I'm going to sit over here and listen/read because this looks so un-fucking-believeably cool. .

    1. Hi there! And thank you for your comment. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, the stupid blogger thing didn't tell me I had a comment here...

      Thanks for reading! I hope you are enjoying my blog!

  2. Sounds like it'll be good reading. I've never cozied up to erotica or bourbon, so turn me on to something new.

    1. Well, technically, I'm not an erotica writer... I'm just a guy who likes to write about sexy things from time to time...

      I hope you are enjoying my blog.

  3. Good morning. Coffee & Christmas lover. What kind of bourbon? Looking forward to reading your blog

    1. My favorite bourbon is 1792 - Small batch. It's awesome...

      I hope you are still sticking around and reading my blog... Let me know if anything strikes your fancy.

  4. Yep - still here. Mon was my bday but Ive been sick so no celebrating :(, today we finally got snow in the DMV (yay!) but not enough to do much with but get annoyed. Have yet to try your drink of choice (its on my to-do list) Keep writing, I will keep reading. :)

  5. How have I not read your blog before this? What the fuck was I thinking/doing that I have not been reading your blog?

    Just read your post about a night home without kids, and I'm unbelievably jealous in so many ways. (And emboldened in a few. And considering being bolder in others.)

    So, you know, thanks. And stuff.

    1. Hi, Ellen! Thank you for taking the time to read it! Glad you like what you see and are feeling emboldened by it!

      Go out there and do your thing!!

  6. Just saying hi. I have an extremely short attention span, so I only read what you wrote and really didn't bother with any of the comments. If I ever find your page again after you comment (if you do) I'll come back. Hope your day is awesome! 😊


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