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26 September, 2018

Erotic Fiction Thursdays - The Ghost of Titan

Commander Thomas "Archangel" Cain finds out that losing his wingman/lover is... hard.

The Ghost Of Titan

Thomas "Archangel" Cain entered the locker room and threw his helmet into the locker.

"Fuck." He said to the air.

Looking around, he noticed that he was alone for once and he collapsed onto the bench, placed his head in his hands and the tears fell from his eyes. A gods-damned patrol mission turned into a fucking ambush by the Titan colonials. They managed to kill the attackers but it was too late... and now she was dead. Tigg's fighter was fucking incinerated right before his eyes. He clenched his jaws together and swore in the silent room.

12 September, 2018

Erotic Fiction Thursdays - A Day At The Range

Two members of a covert government unit find each other on their day off… And it leads to an unexpected encounter.

A Day At The Range

Carrie jogged slowly down Range Road on the warm, August morning. This was part of her ‘long route’ when she needed to run and clear her head. Today was one of those days.
Being Labor Day weekend, the range would be empty and Range Road would, therefore, be without traffic and make her run even better. She jogged at a moderate pace, not wanting to push things too much, but not wanting to slack off either. She hated running, really, but sometimes it was the only way to get her head cleared out. She had been having a frustrating week to put it mildly and her pent up rage wasn't subsiding by sitting around the apartment so she decided to head out and see if she could sweat it out.
About a mile down range road she froze in mid stride and almost fell to the ditch. She pulled the earbud out of her ear and listened. "BOOM" came the noise again. It was clearly coming from the range and it was, by far, the loudest gun she had ever heard in her life.
"It has to be Tom." She said, shaking her head.

Suicide and Life...

I'm on my... 6th? Cup of coffee already.  Which isn't truly unusual... but today isn't the normal level of tired from general insomnia -  Last night stayed up late, talking my friend out of killing herself...

It was not fun. I did not enjoy it.

But I did it. And my friend is still alive this morning... And, for that, I am happy.

This is not the first time in 40 years I've done this... and that is a sad, sad thing.

The friend in question was not one of my former Army mates. She is someone I've known since kindergarten who has been sexually abused by a family member for most of her life and is now in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship... And nothing I can say will make her feel like the good person we all know her to be. The abusive assholes in her life have her believing THEIR bullshit.

It's times like this I wish we had a Purge Night... well, sort of. Not really... I mean, I'm not advocating violence... but I sure as shit would love to beat the ever loving shit out of her family member and dickhole of a so-called boyfriend... but, alas, that is not an option.

All I want to do is lift my friend up where she needs to be so she can take the time needed to look after her own happiness and not rely on the assholes she's known.

Why do people have to be assholes like that? Why must people degrade and humiliate others into thinking they're somehow LESS??  WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Look - if you're reading this and you know someone in a relationship that is toxic - talk to them. Don't wait until you see a last-ditch call for help on Facebook before reaching out. I've not been in close touch with my friend in a few years. I've moved away... but when I saw her reach out, then delete the post - I called her. And we talked.

Talk to someone if they need it. Be a friend. Take the time out of your day to make sure your friends, family and loved ones make it to tomorrow. It can get better. It will get better. But only if we all remember that we're in this together...

Now, here's a cat photo to help you through your day:

I thought about using one of those hairless cat photos - but they look like ballsacks. So... no. 


06 September, 2018

Erotic Fiction Thursdays - Accidentally In Bed

Two friends find themselves in bed together when plans change and their paths cross unintentionally

Accidentally In Bed

Carrie glared at the text message on her phone in frustration.
“Stuck at work. Have to cancel dinner”
“Mother fucker.” She tossed the phone aside.
She was expecting a night out, complete with dinner and sex. Now she was looking at a night in... by herself. Fresh out of the shower with her hair and makeup perfect, wearing her “I’m going to be seen naked” panties she flopped onto the couch next to her phone. She was pissed off and turned on - and that was not a good combination. It had been weeks since she had seen Nick. And when they had seen each other, he’d been distant and cold.
“Looks like whiskey and Netflix tonight.” She said to the empty house. “Why is it so hard to just get laid?” She stopped talking to herself and shot up from the couch when she heard the sliding door open in her kitchen and got up from the couch to investigate. Maybe Nick was just playing with her? She stopped in her tracks when, to her complete surprise, it was Tom. Despite looking tired and worn out - she couldn't help but see his broad shoulders and admire him from the back. He was, in fact, a very desirable man… and Standing before him in nothing but her "going out" panties and a fuzzy bathrobe made her think inappropriate thoughts as she watched him rummage through his bag on her kitchen table.
"Hi." She said startling him.
"Shit!" He said. "I didn't think you were home, Carrie." He turned to acknowledge her and pulled a double-take when he saw he clothes… or lack thereof. He quickly turned away.
"I see... so this is just your standard, run of the mill, home invasion thing? You know I don't have anything good to steal."

03 September, 2018

The bliss that is being alone...

I love my wife and kids very much.

But there are times that, as a human being, I just need some time alone. And I don't mean I need to get in the car and go to the store - I mean home, in your house, with no other person.

Maybe it's just me, I don't know. But there is something internally balancing about being able to just spend some time each day at home, alone, not dealing with anyone else's shit. Before we moved, I had an hour every morning to myself when my wife went to work and the kids went to daycare. It was glorious. Some days I'd do laundry, somedays I'd do the dishes... it doesn't matter what I do during the time alone - the point was just to be able to do it without worrying about anyone else for like 60 minutes.

It was fucking glorious.

But... now I commute for two fucking hours every day and that's about the closest I get to alone time.

It's my first day